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Overlooking the Sea of Bali, nestled in tropical gardens and surrounded by nature, is Zen Resort Bali - a holistic and wellness sanctuary to relax and rejuvenate your physical, psychological and spiritual wellness. Experience the joy and pleasure of sustainable living in harmony with yourself, your family and friends and with the world of nature.

From the design of the 14 luxurious villas and 12 Premium villas which will inspire you with their binding commitment to Balinese traditions, to the delicious cuisine, authentic Ayurvedic spa treatments to revitilise, daily yoga, meditation and pranayama for your spiritual wellbeing, a beautiful infinity pool, and a range of nature and cultural activities, all experienced through exceptional service.

Welcome to Zen Resort Bali

We look forward to welcoming you at Zen Resort Bali, a holistic and wellness sanctuary to relax and rejuvenate your physical, psychological and spiritual wellness.

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Zen Harmony Diving

Zen Harmony Diving™ (ZHD) is a an integrated diving and human health system that combines scuba diving and snorkeling with yoga, meditation, pranayama and ayurveda. ZHD offers a unique pathway to human health, through the effective practice and adoption of controlled underwater breathing, meditative focus and free flow physical exercise.

ZHD also has the potential to substantially increase the worldwide community of divers and snorkelers, empowering them as observers and reporters to enhance public awareness and mobilize actions to protect the world of oceans. which accounts for some 70% of the Earth’s environment and is critical to regulating and sustaining global climate

Thus ZHD offers a unique pathway to confront the major 21st century worldwide sustainability challenges of human heath, the environment and development.

Integrative Medicine in a Retreat Context
Mahendra Shah, Published 27th June 2016

The ancient wisdom of traditional medicine and indigenous healing practices are being increasingly embraced across the Western world, and a global revival is organically evolving. Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, herbalism, and shamanic practices have taken their place in the modern seeker’s lifestyle as many turn away from the reductionist and impersonal approach often experienced in modern medicine. At Zen Resort Bali, we seek a more holistic approach—one that envisions the whole human being, rather than merely a combination of parts, systems, and (all too often) symptoms.

Integrative Medicine